Ace Pillar Group



Intelligent technology service expert
Channel distributor of brand sales and technical services

Founded in 1984, ACE PILLAR Co., Ltd. is a leading industrial automation company and recognized as the most valued provider in the market. With the ISO-9001 certified in 2002, ACE PILLAR is approved of its consistent and superior quality in customer service as well as assurance of high quality products. We are a reliable distributor of automatic mechatronics components as well as a professional provider of technical service for the automation manufactures and customers.
In response to the moving steps of automation industry, ACE PILLAR focus not only on retailing and distribution but take the " One Stop Shopping" initiatives in providing customers with diversified and comprehensive products and helping manufactures address the growing competitive pressures to reduce costs, conserve resources, improve productivity and reduce the time to market for material goods and services through our integral technical service.

Ace Pillar is a large win-win platform for
suppliers, investors, employees, dealers and customers.






Towards the Advanced
of Smart Technology


Become an advanced integrated
intelligent technology and manufacturing

As to"Total Solution", nourished by the long- term cooperation with other outstanding companies, is a focal point of ACE PILLAR's strategy. It will provide consulting service with total know how of design, constructing and testing in automation engineering and after-sales support.
Still retaining our business emphasis on sales growth, we have been striving to improve our technical innovation and design capabilities and to build up trade-based approaches to develop business in China by the win-win strategy. At ACE PILLAR, we take pride in our commitment to develop the skilled talents, to extend the product lines, to conquer the overseas market and to provide the real-time technical solution and customer service to complete customer satisfaction.